About Me

My journey to becoming The Free Spirited Coach didn't start with feeling abundant, empowered, successful and believing that things can be easy. I felt unworthy, unlovable, unsuccessful and 100% stuck where I was. I was spreading myself thin, burning out, trying to be perfect, doing nothing to take care of myself, and I didn't have the energy to be fully present with my son. But worse of all, I believed this was just how it would always be.

Then things must have drastically improved, right?? WRONG. Well, sort of. I did start to get things I thought I wanted. I landed what I thought my dream career was, got a new boyfriend who ticked all the boxes. All the things that I thought I wanted; the new job, the boyfriend, the amazing trips- well, they turned out to be not so great and I felt absolutely broken. Like somehow life had cheated me, again. I was heart broken, broke, and felt like I was taking 5 steps back as I watched all those things disappear.

But that is when things did actually change for me. Instead of believing this was just par for the course of my life, as I always had, I decided that things had to be better than they were. I started a consistent morning routine, practicing gratitude, meditating and developing a deeper and deeper faith that things were not only going to be okay, but that things were going to be great. And that I was WORTHY of those great things. I had zero idea of how the things I wanted would come to me, but I believed they would.

Fast forward, I found an incredible coaching certification program and started my journey as a coach. Is it at all what I thought I would end up doing? Not in the slightest, but I believe coaching found me and aligned with all I was wanting to experience in life and allowed me to help other women do the same. To find their worth and value and allow them to be successful, loved, abundant and joyful.

I believe our greatest level of success we can achieve starts from the work we do inside. We are meant to enjoy our lives and not be limited by negative self-talk, limiting beliefs or not feeling good enough for the things we want in our lives. I believe in our ability to co-create our lives for the better.

In my unique coaching framework, I dive into helping ambitious women like you create success and joy on your terms. We start by getting crystal clear on your goals, strengthening your mindset, begin the process of co-creating your greatest desires and help you start taking the aligned actions to get there quicker; allowing you to feel empowered, successful and abundant. I help you to do so in a way that's authentically you so that you, too, can feel your spirit be free.