Have You Lost Sight of Your True Self?

I am a personal development coach in Missoula, MT and can help

Women feel a lot of pressure to focus on others every day. From being a loving mom, friend and partner to doing a good job at work, you can run out of time and energy to focus on you. But there's no reason to let the stress and pressure of life drain you. Call a personal development coach from The Free Spirited Coach and learn how to turn your attention inward.

Focusing on yourself can provide many benefits. Not only will you be able to reclaim your joy and live a happier, more energetic life, you can also experience more success when it comes to reaching your goals. My virtual coach will help you live authentically so you can get the fulfillment and life satisfaction you want.

Connect with me, a personal development coach in Missoula, MT today.

"Stop wearing 'busy' as a badge of honor!" - Nissa

Areas of Coaching

Empowerment Coaching

Reframe your thinking to set and reach your goals.


Escape to a relaxing retreat that will help you grow.

One-on-One Coaching

Partner with me, a personal coach and learn to empower yourself.


Set up one-on-one coaching or reserve your spot at our retreat.

What Makes my coaching style unique?

You don't have to feel anxious about calling. You'll receive a complimentary call to find out if my coaching is a good fit for your needs. I am confident in my ability to help all kinds of women because...

  • Our coach has personal experience with burnout and uncertainty about the future and knows what you're going through
  • I approach coaching with a unique perspective, and my certified coach has studied everything from medical anthropology to religious studies to create effective methods
  • You can tailor the coaching to suit your needs with one-one-one sessions for as long as you want

Book convenient and impactful personal coaching by calling my virtual coaching program today. I can help though a variety of channels such as retreats, empowerment coaching, 1-on-1 coaching, and more!